Café Svea

Originating from Sweden, the founder operates a similar mini-restaurant back in Sweden. They serve classic and hearty Swedish dishes to tourists and office workers alike. With its 1st outlet here in Malaysia, there will be a wide variety of Swedish food available, such as hand-tossed Swedish pizzas with crispier & thinner crusts, burgers, pork chops, and meatballs. The food offerings here in Malaysia will be spicier to cater to local taste buds, such as chilli flakes for the pizzas, and chorizo / Spanish pepperoni to be used for toppings. Toppings used will be from fresh produce, and the concentration will be on quality, rather than on quantity.

Signature dishes

Swedish Meat Balls with Linguine
Swedish Pork Chop
Seafood Cake
Cold Meat Cake
Pepperoni Pizza / Hawaiian Pizza