Stall No.21 Beef Noodle

A spin-off from Soong Kee Beef Noodle, Stall No.21 Beef Noodle serves up the same taste Malaysians have come to love and savour since 1945. The unique name is a tribute to the owner’s parents who started selling beef ball noodles at Stall No.21 Cross Street, Kuala Lumpur. The secret to the taste loved by many lies in the fragrant minced meat sauce which is uniquely smooth and flavourful, the springy and tasty meatballs using only the best calf shoulder muscle meat, and their trademark crystal clear soup base.

Signature dishes

Beef Noodle – dry
Beef Ball Noodle – soup
Beef Tripe Noodle
Beef Ball with Sliced Beef Noodle